Video: Safety on Site

In this programme, the section manager of a large construction company demonstrates the skills needed to ensure a project is completed safely, on time, and on budget.

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Video: Construction Trades

This programme features KS4 students enrolled in NVQ level 1 courses at an adult learning centre in Nuneaton. They spend time working on a Lovell building site, gaining hands-on experience alongside experienced tradespeople.

Tommy from Sydney, Australia

Tommy Larkin is a Sydneysider who wants to become a concrete form worker.

Sydney Opera House. Copyright: Getty ImagesSydney Opera House. Copyright: Getty Images


Tommy's E-mail [03:39]
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Tommy Meets the Foreman - Quiz Discussion [03:56]
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Tommy and his Colleagues Part 1 [03:18]
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Tommy and his Colleagues Part 2 [03:48]
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